About University

Mazandaran University of Science and Technology (MUST), situated in the city of Babol in the Province of Mazandaran (North of Iran) 15 km away from Caspian Sea, was founded in 1992. Blessed with a temperate climate, a plethora of colorful blossoms and removed from the turmoils and upheavals associated with big cities, Babol provides a suitable environment for academic activities. In recent years, MUST has scaled such enviable heights to become a conglomeration of different provinces and cultures.

Babol Overview

Babol is one of the most important cities in Mazandaran province with an area of 1431 square kilometers. From natural position, north and center of the city is plain and the southern part is mountainous. Plain air, like the rest of Mazandaran is temperate and humid and mountainous region,particularly above 1200 meters, has good cold climate and considered as good summer areas of Mazandaran. [More..]

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